"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." ~ Benjamin Franklin

"To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting." ~ Edmund Burke

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Listed Sites     

This webpage features the best history sites on the web. If you are a student of history, you'll love these sites.


Great History Sites

  • 60 Second History - Byte-sized history for your quick fix from writer director and historical filmmaker Rob Child.
  • American History Blog - My blog contains book reviews, results of my research, and, as I travel, reviews of historic sites, plus, as I complete my Masters in American History, some of my writings. My main interest is Civil War and Native American history, but, since my interests are diverse, I'll be covering much more.
  • Ancient Britain - Photographs and descriptions of Stone to Iron Age monuments in the British Isles.
  • Ancient World History - This site presents ancient world history sources and research on Mediterranean civilizations, including Greek, Roman, Phoenician, Egyptian museums and history associations.
  • Bytes & Blogs: History of Australia - A sequential history of Australia in small bytes.
  • Civil War Hikes - A resource of hiking trails, walking guides, and the fighting that occurred on the hollowed ground that we walk. The hikes and walks will follow and explain troop movements and how terrain shaped the battles.
  • Civil War History - We are historians, history buffs, or other people who love the Civil War (or, if you prefer, the War Between the States). We combine our talents to present our knowledge of this period in our nations history in the hopes that you, the reader, will gain increased knowledge about our nation and its history.
  • Confederate Book Review - Thoughts on Civil War related books, magazines, etc. Plus other items that are of interest to those who study the Civil War.
  • Confederate Digest - News, Commentary, and Viewpoints about the Confederate States of America.
  • Early American Crime - An exploration of the social and cultural history of crime and punishment in colonial America and the early United States.
  • Edwardian Promenade - La belle epoque in our modern world. A blog devoted to the dazzling time period spanning the years 1880 to 1914.
  • First South Carolina Cavalry, CSA - History and Roster list of this unit.
  • Footnotes Since the Wilderness - At Footnotes Since the Wilderness, you will find North American, but primarily United States history as it unfolds through sidebars, prologues, postscripts, and over serendipitous arcana.
  • Have Fun With History - Watch from a selection of over 130 U.S. History online videos covering the American Revolution, the Civil War, Presidents, Pioneers, Native Americans, Aviation, Government, Railroads and more.
  • History and the Sock Merchant - History and the Sock Merchant is a site meant for anyone with an interest in History in the Modern period. It is my intention to be entertaining and informative to everybody, from those who might simply want a quick read of something interesting to those with more time who might want to read some of my ongoing research.
  • Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean - An Interactive Historical Atlas of the Mediterranean. You can click on map features to see pictures and read more information. This site is a work in process and will gradually expand as I add more maps over time.
  • The History Faculty - Free video podcasts by professional historians on key historical periods and questions.
  • History in the Raw (history that you don't get to read very often) - The term Phonographic comes from dictionaries of the 19th century which used the Greek for sound and writer creating Phono Graph adding an ic. This Blog is for sounding out on many things. Much of it will deal with history but also current events, music, art, religion, culture and politics. So let's sound out and talk...I have a lot to say! I hope what I write makes you study the subjects more.
  • The History Junkie - This site covers various topics in history such as Early American History, Ancient History, Video Game History, History of Dogs, Sports History and History of War.
  • The History Tavern - "where the past is always on tap". A look at history news and analysis of today as well as various perspectives of past events, speeches, essays, and primary sources. Come on in and we'll talk books, movies, and so much more related to history.
  • Jerusalem History - Jerusalem History in pictures.
  • Kepler's Military History Book Reviews - Visit this blog for reviews about all kinds of military history books, historical nonfiction and fiction.
  • Kriegstagebuch - The private WWI account of a german soldier timeshifted by 93 years.
  • Life in the Past Lane - the site of award-winning historical fiction author Jessica James. "I cover interesting stories from the Civil War that I discovered while researching my best-selling book Shades of Gray: A Novel of the Civil War in Virginia."
  • Macrohistory and World Report - Trends across the ages, empirical history with maps, book summaries, country profiles, and a timeline from 60,000 BCE to selected news items one or two days old.
  • Michigan Biographical Index - This is a cumulative full-name index merging many publications and manuscripts, including Civil War reference books, county histories, first land owners, genealogical publications, etc. The Index has many records that go beyond Michigan, like the entire 5 volume set of "List of 1883 Pensioners". There are over 500,000 Civil War citations, and nearly 2 million citations in total.
  • Murder by Gaslight - A compendium of information, resources and discussion on notable nineteenth century American murders.
  • My Moral Compass - A series of articles on events in our history where people have made moral choices. For each article, there are resources, links, and a section where we (with the benefit of hindsight) get to give all of the people a report card.
  • Old Virginia Blog - Historical musings, wandering thoughts & book comments from Civil War author Richard G. Williams, Jr.
  • Out of battle - A blog of anecdotes and articles about the First World War, centering on 8th Battalion, AIF.
  • Patriots and Peoples - In Patriots and Peoples, I record and publicize questions, observations, and arguments stimulated by my reading of Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen's A Patriot's History of the United States, on the one hand, and Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States, on the other. I also write other pieces of general historical interest.
  • Pauline's Pirates & Privateers - Triple P is a collection of essays on seafaring people, places, tools and tales from ancient history to the present day. The blog emphasizes the history of pirates and privateers from around the world.
  • Phoenicians and the Phoenician Experience - This site presents the Phoenicians, their cedar ships and sea trade in the ancient Mediterranean, the Phoenician alphabet, Carthage and cities in Phoenicia, Lebanese history and legends.
  • The Quack Doctor - A collection of unusual patent remedies and medical devices advertised in 18th- and 19th-century newspapers.
  • resourcesforhistoryteachers - a multicultural/multimedia wikispace dedicated to supporting the teaching and learning of history and social studies in K-12 schools in Massachusetts, throughout the United States, and internationally.
  • The Romans - The site surveys the history, life, and culture of Rome from its foundation to the end of the Roman empire in the east. It is illustrated with over 400 photographs from numerous sources, with authentic drawings of the famous, and infamous, people who governed the republic or ruled the empire; religion; society and daily life; literature; art, architecture and technology; and the army. There are sections on state officials and assemblies, the role of women, slavery, education, food, dress, entertainment, the Roman calendar and numerals, and the legacy of Rome."
  • Sandino Rebellion in Nicaragua (1927-1934) - This site offers a documentary history of the nationalist rebellion against U.S. intervention in Nicaragua led by Augusto C. Sandino in the 1920s and 1930s. Currently housing more than 780 primary documents, the site will eventually house some 12,000 documents from repositories in the United States and Nicaragua. Its author and administrator is Michael J. Schroeder, Ph.D., currently Assistant Professor of History at Lebanon Valley College in Annville PA.
  • Scandalous Women - A blog created to share information about the lives, loves, and sexual adventures of all the fascinating women in history who were considered scandalous or outrageous in their day. Women who weren't afraid to dare or to stand up for what they believed in. These are their stories.
  • The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Preserving the Memory of the Grand Army of the Republic and our Ancestors who Fought to Preserve the Union (1861 - 1865)
  • Spotsylvania Civil War Blog - Discussion of all social, political and cultural aspects of the American Civil War battles fought in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness and Spotsylvania. Antebellum to modern day perspective of the material culture effects of these engagements, both military and civilian.
  • TOCWOC - The Order of Civil War Obsessively Compulsed - We are a group of "Informed Amateurs", non academics, with an intense interest in the American Civil War. Our site owes Civil Warriors a debt of gratitude for the "Group blog" idea.
  • The U.S. Presidents - Presidents - a biological profile, along with quotes, reference sources, related books, pictures and prints for each president.
  • USHistorySite.com - The US History Site offers US History and American Government Lesson Plans for teachers and students from Elementary School through High School and College.
  • The World of Edgar Allan Poe - A blog dealing with various aspects of Poe's life, work, milieu, and historical reputation.
  • WyzAnt History of Inaugurations - a Presidential Inauguration Infographic.

Listed Sites: I have attempted to gather some quality history sites here. If I deem a site no longer worthy, I will delete it. Please note: no reciprocation is necessary to be listed here.